PCI Whitepaper

Read the new Xbridge White Paper – "PCI Requirements Linked to Undiscovered Cardholder Data on System Z Platforms"

Xbridge And PKWARE Offer Combined DLP Solution

Quickly uncover and encrypt older sensitive data to maintain compliance with PCI DSS, HIPAA Hitech ACT, Sarbanes Oxley, and other regulatory requirements on the mainframe.

Primerica Increases Security With Xbridge

Primerica CIO David Wade discusses how Xbridge helps the company manage and secure data.

Insider Threat – the Keys to Your Castle

You need to look inside your own walls to ensure your sensitive data is secure.

z/OS Mainframe Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

How many unknown dataset copies, generated reports or queries containing sensitive data reside in your z/OS mainframe environment and who really has access to them?

Data has been copied from production to test and development environments on mainframes for decades, and until recently without any concern for protecting or deleting the sensitive data.

A holistic (data – aware) mainframe security strategy begins with the need to discover and classify all the sensitive information residing on mainframe systems.

Xbridge has the tools and expertise to expose the extent of risk to your organization. The consultative services we offer are:

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