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Identify and classify sensitive data requiring protection, detect z/OS, application and data security vulnerabilities.

Security Analyzer (DataSniff Feature)


Detect security vulnerabilities and threats and encrypt and compress sensitive data for protection and compliance.

Security Framework Controls HITRUST, NIST and DHS


SIEM (Security Information & Event Management) Agent digests DataSniff files, monitors for any attempts to manipulate the files, and alerts IT security personnel in real-time if any of these sensitive datasets have been viewed or touched.

XBridge Data Loss Prevention For IBM z/OS

Xbridge prevents data loss on IBM z Systems to reduce an organization’s risk and financial loss, preserve brand reputation, and ensure compliance with internal, industry and regulatory requirements. With Xbridge, sensitive data is easily identified, discovered, monitored and protected.

Xbridge Overview 

Xbridge software and services discover, protect, and monitor sensitive data and software security vulnerabilities on IBM® z/OS System® mainframes to prevent data loss and help organizations reduce risk and financial loss, preserve brand reputation, and ensure compliance with internal, industry and regulatory security requirements.

Company Overview

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