In the newly released EY’s Global Info Security Survey for 2015, one of the top concerns for security professionals is Data Loss Prevention. Turn to page 13 of this publication to read more…

Page 13: Question asked: Which of the following information security areas would you define as “high, medium or low priorities” for your organization over the coming 12 months? Data leakage/data loss prevention was listed first and ranked the highest – 56%: EY Global Information Security Survey 2015 respondents defined data leakage/data loss prevention as a high priority for their organization over the next 12 months, 33% (Medium) and 11% (low).

11% have a formal and advanced detection function that brings together each category of modern technology
(host-based malware detection,antivirus, network-based malware detection, DLP, IDS, next-generation firewalls, log aggregation) and use sophisticated data analytics to identify anomalies, trends and correlations.