Discover, Protect and Monitor Data on IBM Mainframes

Xbridge software and services discover, protect, and monitor sensitive data and software security vulnerabilities on IBM® z/OS System® mainframes to prevent data loss and help organizations reduce risk and financial loss, preserve brand reputation, and ensure compliance with internal, industry and regulatory security requirements.

Since organizations with IBM mainframes typically house 80% of an organization’s critical data, according to Gartner, it is critical for mainframe data to be securely protected from loss.


Discovery software and services help to identify and classify sensitive data so it can be monitored and protected, and detect security vulnerabilities in z/OS and application software and data on IBM mainframes.


DataSniff™ X data discovery software scans all catalogued, structured and unstructured z/OS data set and database table targets to identify and report on which targets contain sensitive information. This allows a customer to classify, protect and remediate those targets.

Security Analyzer (DataSniff Feature)

Data security analysis and validation software reviews security settings of z/OS data sets that contain sensitive information and recommends changes to vulnerable settings.


Security software and services that help protect sensitive data by detecting security vulnerabilities and threats, and encrypting and compressing data for archival.


zCompliant™ compliance auditing software for IBM z/OS systems automates auditing processes for specific internal and external security and regulatory requirements.

Security Framework Controls HITRUST, NIST and DHS

The software reduces the amount of time required to perform Common Security Framework CSF/NIST/DHS checks on a z/OS mainframe from a manual process to an automated process that delivers a rapid return-on-investment.


SecureZIP™ for z/OS software encrypts and compresses sensitive z/OS data files to protect mainframe data in storage, in transit or in use.


Monitoring software helps increase security of targets containing sensitive data by watching targets and informing enterprise SIEMs, in real time when data is accessed.

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