Discover Sensitive Data on IBM Mainframes with Xbridge DataSniff

Securing sensitive data on IBM z Systems mainframes is more critical than ever as cybersecurity threats continue to increase and these systems house 80 percent of an organizations critical data, according to Gartner. Xbridge DataSniffis a data discovery application designed to protect IBM® mainframes from data loss and ensure compliance with internal, industry and government mandates. With DataSniff, security analysts can automatically scan and analyze catalogued structured and unstructured z/OS data set and database table targets to discover sensitive information.

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Frequently asked questions about DataSniff

Xbridge DataSniff is a patented data discovery application that automatically scans and analyzes catalogued structured and unstructured data set and database table targets on IBM z Systems mainframes to discover sensitive data. The software helps protect organizations from data loss and ensure compliance with internal, industry and government mandates.

The first step to protecting data on mainframes is discovery and the risks related to data loss for IBM z Systems mainframes are enormous. These systems usually house 80 percent of an organization’s critical data, according to Gartner, and they have the reputation of being extremely secure, while in reality they are as vulnerable as any networked system, unless proper protections are in place.

DataSniff runs continuously, on-demand or at specified intervals to discover targets containing sensitive data throughout an IBM z/OS system, even migrated data or tape data. The software systematically accesses and analyzes DB2, VSAM, QSAM, IMS DB, and BDAM to data set and database tables targets to locate sensitive data.

DataSniff discovers targets extracted, duplicated or moved to unauthorized locations, structured data created by applications, and unstructured data in notes fields, documents and reports, including data in test or development systems, forgotten data left behind from intermediate processes or in obsolete applications, or data copied for malicious intent.

DataSniff software can be installed in less than a day and most users are operational within a few hours. If needed, Xbridge also offers professional services to assist organizations with deploying DataSniff and defining the types of sensitive data that may reside on their IBM z Systems mainframes.

The DataSniff dictionary can be encrypted or customized to fit the requirements any organization needs using SecureZip by PKWARE. Many enterprises, especially financial and investment companies are required to encryption the dictionary being used by DataSniff to ensure maximum security. Ask your Xbridge representative about this if you have interest. Other large Fortune 1000 companies are already doing this rather simple customization.