Compress and Encrypt Data on z/OS Systems

PKWARE SecureZIP® is the industry leading security and compression utility that securely protects data, in transit and at rest, while greatly reducing transmission times and required storage space. SecureZIP for z/OS® encrypts sensitive data files using OpenPGP keys in ZIP or OpenPGP formats, and utilizes a combination of application, system, and ICSF integration to reduce processing times, increase operational efficiencies, and leverage existing mainframe investments.

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Frequently asked questions about SecureZIP

PKWARE SecureZIP for z/OS is a security and compression utility that encrypts sensitive data on IBM mainframes to securely protect data, in transit and at rest, while greatly reducing transmission times and required storage space.

SecureZIP for z/OS reduces costs and ensures organizations get the most out of their existing investments. The software’s advanced compression capabilities reduce file sizes by as much as 98 percent to improve network bandwidth and enable more files to be stored on existing storage devices.

SecureZIP offers a range of passphrase, X.509 digital certificate, and OpenPGP key-based encryption options to provide flexibility and optimal support for an organization’s data security infrastructure. SecureZIP also works with leading access control systems, including CA ACF2, CA Top Secret, and RACF.

Files that have been encrypted using digital certificates, OpenPGP Keys, or passphrases can be accessed using SecureZIP’s Contingency Key capabilities. Contingency Key processing ensures organizations can provide auditors, compliance officers, or regulators with encrypted data for inspection or recovery,  even if a password is forgotten or a decryption key lost,  while still strongly protecting the data.

Used by more than 30,000 corporate entities and over 200 government agencies, PKWARE technology is the industry standard for portability, ensuring data security and cross-platform computing. PKWARE is a privately held company based in Milwaukee WI, with offices in New York and the United Kingdom.