I often hear from CISO’s who are responsible for the security and well-being of sensitive data and critical assets that reside on the IBM z/OS system, that the skill set to architecturally integrate software that is shelved or purchased new, is hard to find! Like most things, you have to dig deep to find the right people with the right product knowledge who know how to navigate through multiple platforms & systems. Look no further! Xbridge Systems experts for Data Loss Prevention have the knowledge and availability to assist. Let us help! We are here for YOU! Our professional’s services and software helps find your data, reports where the data is, who has access, and serves as a guide to help you remediate, delete or move data where it should or shouldn’t be. Next step is Protection and it is as easy as encryption! Once done, there is no better way to watch if someone unauthorized is touching your assets then monitoring those assets in real time! Contact us to learn more.